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~ Comments and Reviews ~

Thank you to everyone for sending me such thoughtful comments about the rosaries and jewelry I made for you. I have placed a few of them on this page in hopes that others will feel safe ordering from me.


10-21-09 - "It's beautiful! Thank you!!!  I love the uniqueness. But then I love the unique. I'm sure I'll be getting Fairy or Dolphin beads too at some point. Your work is beautiful!" ST

10-22-09 - "Just wanted to thank you again for all the work you do.  I truly appreciate all you do.  The necklace and rosary you did for <my friend> are fabulous.  The necklace you did for me is OUTSTANDING. There is really no way to describe it.  I love all your creations that I have gotten from you, but this necklace is AWESOME!  I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Love you always!" BP

10-27-09 - "It arrived. It's beautiful! I'm really jazzed. I love the Anglican rosaries but never liked how after seven prayers you had to move on - seemed a little short. Eleven will be perfect. Thank you so much. There is a lot of gentle energy in the rosary. The rosary is a perfect trinity rosary because . . . it feels very balanced in terms of feminine and masculine energy so I know the Holy Spirit is asserting Herself in the mix." ST

12-5-09 - "My rosary arrived safe and sound. You did a really great job - it's very lovely and unique, and filled with energy. Thanks so much! Four star customer satisfaction." SD

12-6-09 - "They are really beautiful!  I'm glad that you found nice Sunstone and Kyanite beads. Keep up with wonderful work! Looking forward to seeing you again soon." KM

3-20-10 - "Wow, Jayne, the mostly moonstone rosary is incredible!  I just finished using it and the vibration is so strong and clear.  Thank you for such a wonderful job!  I truly appreciate your work.  I could not be happier with your creation, truly wonderful!!!" SP

10-2-10 - "My Rosary arrived in the mail this afternoon. It is all that I expected and very beautiful. Thanks for the excellent work." JB

10-18-10 - "My wife loves the Rosary. Nothing has changed on my preferences on her necklace. I am confident that your quote will be a fair one." JB

12-15-10 - "I've spent a lot of time on the internet looking for Goddess rosaries and I've always come back to yours . . . there seems to be an energy on your site that's irresistible! Thank you so much for responding so quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece." TM

12-16-10 - "The rosary is beautiful! I love it! If you wouldn't mind changing out the large bead for the three smaller beads, it will be perfect! Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly. I'm looking forward to receiving the Rosary and will be posting about it on my blog. Like I said, I've been looking so long for the perfect Rosary and now I'm excited to share! & I'll be posting a link to your site if that's okay with you . . . I'm sure there are many who would like a Rosary, but like me, don't know where to look . . . now they do!" TM

12-25-10 - "I gave <my wife> her necklace this morning - and she absolutely LOVED it! She asked me to tell you that "It's stunning. I am enthralled with it and can't take my eyes off of it. Jayne is an incredible artist." JB

1-3-11 - "I have fallen in love with <my wife's> moonstone necklace! - which has received many rave reviews everywhere she has been - I would like to order one for myself! Same length, same clasp, same cross & knot, same moonstone bead design - same everything. I will rely on your judgment - your taste has been excellent." JB

1-23-11 - "I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying my Goddess Rosary and have finally shared it on my blog. Thank you again!" TM http://mygoddess-self.blogspot.com

1-27-11 - "My moonstone necklace arrived today - it is beautiful! Thanks for the extra gift." JB

4-1-11 - "My beautiful Rosary arrived today and is even more beautiful in person!  Thank you SO much!  The energy IS 'light' but yet very deep ~ I can't wait to Bless it in the New/Dark Moon and begin using it! My deepest admiration for your work." NJ